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Technical Information

This section covers computer-related aspects on what is it necessary to work with® Online Services and consists of the following subsections:

Hardware requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium MMX 200 MHz or higher. This requirement affects the power of your System, not its architecture. The systems based on Power PC can also be used.
  • RAM: 64MB or more.
  • Connection to the Internet: modem 28 Kbit/s or faster. This requirement of the connection speed affects the time at which the pages of® Online Services are loaded. Please, come to the Start Studies page to run the first Unit in demo mode and to decide if the speed satisfies your needs.
  • The computer must have a sound card and speakers or any similar support for high quality playback of sounds. If you have a notebook the using of head phones is highly desirable.
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  • Software platform

    • To run® Online Services properly it is necessary Microsoft Internet Explorer of version 4 or higher.
    • There is no exact requirement on the operating system you use. If you access the Internet via Internet Explorer, you are able to get all the advantages of the Services.
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  • Multimedia support in your system

    • Audio material provided by® Online Services is the one of the most important features of original method of studying language. The quality of sound playback affects the perception of training materials.
    • The format of sound files used by the Services is Windows Media Audio. If your Operating System is MS Windows the necessary support is embedded in the system. Please, contact your Operating System vendor to figure out its sound capabilities.
    • Please make sure the "Play sounds" and "Play animations" checkboxes are selected in the "Advanced" tab of the Internet Explorer's "Internet Options".
    • The most certain way to make sure your system has the necessary audio support is to try to run the first Unit of some our Course. It is easy to to do from the Start Studies page. If you listen all the sounds there, your system is fully compatible.
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  • Security issues

    •® Online Services are rendered to registered users. The initial step for using the Services is logging onto the User Account with User Id and Password. During the purchase of the Services the User provides Credit Card information. All these data along with registration information are transmitted via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol, so make sure the using SSL is enabled in the "Advanced" tab of the Internet Explorer's "Internet Options".
    • The Services use HTTP cookies for control of the User's progress in studying language, so the User's Internet Explorer should be tuned to accept cookies. Make sure the cookies are enabled in the "Security" tab of the Internet Explorer's "Internet Options".
    • The most of the Services' features are supported by scripts written in JavaScript. Please make sure the scripting is enabled in "Security" tab of the Internet Explorer's "Internet Options".
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