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We offer the following Online Multimedia Courses of Russian for you to buy:

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L00C001Course of Russian for beginners (starter) No.1

Course 1 is intended for those who start learning Russian from the very beginning. It contains 6 taking Learning Units and 1 (the 7th one) Review Unit. The Online Grammar Book of Russian Language as an additional support tool is available to all registered users for free.

Being part of an online education system Course 1 represents a combination of computer and learning programs. The topic is introduced in a live and easy way. Advancing through Course 1 you will become acquainted with the characters of our story, you will hear them speak modern, live Russian language; will get to know their thoughts and feelings and their life. All events take place in modern Russia. While practicing various exercises of Course 1 you can train and enlarge your vocabulary in Russian, you can make up your own sentences and even dialogues. You can complete the first Unit of the Course for free from the Start Studies page.

    After passing through the Course 1 you will learn:
  • The Russian Alphabet
  • About 200 words and expressions
  • The basic sentence structure of Russian
  • How to greet, to thank and to ask the way in Russian
  • How to make an order in a café in Russian
  • How to ask and answer questions on your occupation
  • Russian names and names of some countries
12 months$49.90    
L00C002Course of Russian for beginners No.2

Course 2 is a continuation of the Course 1; it represents a combination of computer and learning programs. The Course 2 contains 7 taking Learning Units and 1 (the 8th one) Review Unit.

    After passing through the Course 2 you will learn:
  • How to count from 10 to 1000
  • Ho to buy something in Russian shops
  • New useful words and phrases on Russian money
  • New useful Russian words for an apartment
  • To talk about free time activities
  • How to conjugate verbs
  • How to make plural forms of nouns
  • How to use adjectives
12 months$49.90    
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