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The darling buds of Elena Lialiaginia

by Angelina Saule

The darling buds of Elena Lialiaginia, the principal whom we wrote about, were also busy preparing for St. Petersburg’s birthday. Pupils from the ages of 5-13 were all involved in an imaginative project of painting their perspectives of the city, and as you can see, the results are astounding!

There are two different collections of postcards: one set illustrates the difference between certain historical places in the city and our notions of them. These postcards feature both a photograph and a painting of the historical site, in order to illustrate the ambiguity between reality and our perception of it.

The second set of postcards interpret the nature through the world of fantasy: again, the bold choice of colour and composition is startling in these pictures, also reminding us how acute the imagination and senses of children are…perhaps these will be added to the Hermitage’s collection! And, cherish the art from (what could be) Russia’s future artists!

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