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A crash course in how to rub shoulders with Gazprom

by Galina Zueva

A lathered, worn face greets us at the dacha. Bounding about lightly in loafers, Lukin is no ordinary septuagenarian academic. Easy with real Russian hospitality – which includes bowls of fruit and umpteen invitations to top up the cognac – Lukin’s domestic persona seems quite far removed from Lukin the academic and Gazprom researcher.

An award winner academic within the Russian Society of Academics (granted, he was given this honour the third time around), Lukin boasts a staggering career that unites business with academia. His past positions include Development of Professional Education, Scientific Supervisor at the Scientific Research Institute (a Russian think-tank), and Scientific Organisation of the Labour Movement, teaching within the Institute of Innovation and Invention, and guest lecturing at different universities all over Russia.

Lukin was kind enough to give us a rundown of credentials a successful applicant of Gazprom should have:

  • Developing new management theories imperative for the current business market.
  • Implementing these theories in practice and recording one’s successful results.
  • Creating new teaching methods within the field of economics and management.
  • To have scientifically proven the unity of technology and personnel of a company so that the development of business is synchronised, harmonious, and importantly, cost effective.
  • To have supervised post-graduate dissertations with titles such as, “ Professional Integration Strategies in the areas of providing Professional Education Services”.
  • To have mentored high profile doctorate students (that range from a Kazaki Minister of Transportation, to a director of a bank in Moscow).
  • To present, defend and publish your ideas for over forty years.
  • To be nominated (and accepted) as a member of the Russian Society of Academics.
  • And, to have graduated with an assortment of degrees ranging from Engineering, Economics and Management.

  • Phew! All in all, Lukin is as humble as pie, even giving a tour of his study where the seeds of such success sprout. As we are warmly escorted to the door, his portrait (painted by a local artist) looms over this Gazprom researcher. The painting expresses all the worldly success and respect that the foreboding Lukin in the painting should be showered with, a disparaging contrast to the man bouncing about with further musings about one’s career, showing off his billiard table and itching for the interview to end so he can jump into the sauna.

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