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Approval by the Authorities

We met with support and countenance
from Sergey Mikhaylovich Mironov,
Chairman of the Federation Council1)

Dear Elena Nikolaevna and Evgeny Victorovich,

          I became acquainted with your letter of appeal on the 11th of July, 2007. Your have opened the subject which has always existed but nowadays is taking shape in strengthening Russia, friendship, cooperation between people, scientific development, culture and education via the Russian language. Russia has always stood up for humanistic principals, mutual understanding between cultures and religious teachings, but is now honoring them attentively. We cannot defend ourselves against the dangers of the 20th century without regularly re-strengthening our position.
          Without a doubt, finding our way into people's hearts, especially in other countries, means that our decisive step should be in improving our international image. Nowadays, the World Wide Web is becoming more and more popular and is an undeniable part of every person's life. It would be short-sighted not to use this rhizomatic resource for this purpose. I agree with you in the fact that one cannot effectively understand Russian culture without being buttressed by the beauty of the Russian language. I have delivered many speeches where I have argued for the conservation of the Russian language and its culture. In order for our language and culture to be understood, it has to be made widely available.
          Our state deemed 2007 to be a year celebrating the Russian language, its multi-national importance and its historic brotherhood for Russians. The state made the decision to help develop the Russian language and supports programs which aim to teach Russian to our foreign neighbors and popularize its culture throughout the world. It's gratifying to know that the website "LiveRus.Com" is contributing to this.
          I welcome your project's main objective: to become a prestigious electronic portal, where the studying of Russian takes up a considerable amount of the website, and thereby strengthening the image of Russia. Apart from this, the project should have a portal with different sections which reflect the many faces of Russia.
          In order for LiveRus.Com to become a popular portal, a lot of work is required for it to become prestigious. I am ready to provide such a project with the support it needs to facilitate this process. Your noble intentions and readiness to input maximum effort and creative abilities into this project will deliver all that Russia desires.
          Good luck and I wish you all the success for the future.

1) The Russian Parliament consists of the two chambers. The upper chamber is the Federation Council, and the lower one is the State Duma."
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Moscow, Russian Federation
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