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About® website

  • Welcome to®, the website that was impatiently waited for by many and many people!
  •® has been anticipated by those who have been dreaming of acquiring the Russian language. Many business people, tourists, students who have come to Russia asked for such an online education system (OES). Click here to see Online Demo.
  • Here it is! The Russia Live! Online Multimedia Courses will teach you living Russian language! Highly-skilled programmers and linguists have done their utmost to develop the® online education system to provide consecutive and logical as well as interesting and amusing Units. Passing through them, you will acquire modern, “living” Russian language.
  • The Russia Live! Online Multimedia Courses are ready to help you 24/7/365 ... whenever it is convenient to you. Using the® online education system, you will be able to understand pure Russian speech, to express your thoughts and feelings to your Russian partner, to explain your thoughts understandably to any Russian. It has been proven that the shortest way to understand our country is to start speaking Russian.
  • Magazine provides pictures of Russian life and information that will help you to learn more about Russia.
  • Our top quality desktop wallpapers will give you an impression of Russia, its nature, Russian sights and cities. We made these photos of Russia expressly to provide you with a clearer view of our country.
  • The® Bookstore. The merchandise you see there is intended to improve your knowledge of our beautiful country and its language, and to provide you the best possible price on the photographic equipment needed to capture the beauty of your surroundings.
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