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The Russia Live!™ Online Multimedia Courses has been awaited by lots of those who wished to acquire the live Russian language. Many business people, tourists, students coming to Russia asked us for such online multimedia courses those they can use either before their trip to Russia or after it or both.

The Russia Live!™ Online Multimedia Courses will give you the live Russian language! High-skilled programmers and linguists did their utmost in developing the Russia Live!™ Online Multimedia Courses consisted of consecutive and logical as well as interesting and amusing Units. Passing through them you will acquire modern and live Russian language.

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The Russia Live!™ Online Multimedia Courses are ready to help you any time you wish. They provide a 24/7/365 operation. Using Russia Live! Online Multimedia Courses you will be able to understand pure Russian speech, to express your thoughts and feelings to your Russian partner, to create your own realistic view to Russia, as the shortest way to understand our country is to start speaking Russian. At the Russia Live!™ Online Multimedia Courses you will hear real live Russian language spoken by native speakers.

Siverskiy: Prison or Refuge?,
by Natalia Merkulova

One always finds the place where he grew up and which he left some time ago, touching and perhaps a bit pathetic… like old shabby toys...
... more ...

My first encounter with Dmitry Strizhov was like a magical trip to an other world - a gulp of fresh air for a person who spends too much time...
... more ...

The Enthuiast as Educator,
by Angelina Saule,
Photos by Sakura Flower

Elena is running off her feet, as a principal of one of St. Petersburg's finest, reputable, private schools...
... more ...

Trying to Freeze the Moment
by Natalia Merkulova

The first thing I understood was that I could speak to him about everything: about his thoughts and ideas, his views...
... more ...

The program ‘Pet Therapy for Mentally Disabled Children’ at the Child and Teenager Adaptation Centre...
... more ...

The St.Petersburg-Murmansk flight was an hour late. That means one more hour at Pulkovo airport - an hour of impatient waiting, an hour of hopes...
... more ...

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